Our class will guide you in many aspects needed to be successful.  You will find that even if you have no intentions of making regular shots at the longer distances (600 to 1000 yards), the education you will gain will improve your abilities at all ranges.
We cover proper gun and ammunition selections and why you will be using it. We also cover equipment needed and the ways to use those tools. Our course comprises fundamentals of shooting, positioning, breathing, trigger pull, and after the shot follow through. We introduce ballistics and the improving technology to help you make better shots. We go over the Minute of Angle (M.O.A) system and the Milliradian (MIL) system and what one may be better for you.  We will incorporate record keeping, why we keep them and how to do it. We will cover wind reading and ways to know how wind affects different distances between you and your target. Additionally, we teach about extreme angle shooting.  This class is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn rifle shooting or for accomplished shooters who want to hone their skills.  

Classes run for 3 days.
Your cost will be $500 with a $150 deposit upon registsration.

  Derek Buege- "Very Good Instruction, had a blast  shooting
at long distance"